Meet The Speakers

Fall 2014 Line-Up

Aubrey Masse

Aubrey is a junior Music Education major from Joshua, Texas. He is involved with the Jazz Band, Wind Symphony, Trombone Choir, Marching Band, the TCU Ultimate Frisbee Team and also serves as Vice President of Membership for Kappa Kappa Psi and teaching fellow for Breakthrough Fort Worth. He loves going for long walks on the beach and the occasional spout of vigilante justice. Aubrey aspires to become a band director and help children to be the best they can be.

Christian Briones

“I want to dedicate my life to ending gender, sexual, racial; any form of inequality and oppression. I hope to accomplish such things through being the pastor of a church who inspires and challenges people to become agents of love, hope, and healing in their communities and around the world.” Christian Briones is a graduate student who is pursuing a Master at the TCU Brite Divinity School. From Garland, Texas, he enjoys conversations, hot tea, music, reading, writing, and learning about others.

Emily Ische

Emily Ische is a senior Accounting major and Religion minor from Cedarburg, Wisconsin. She is involved with the TCU Worship Team and the Professional Program in Accounting (PPA). Fun fact: She once won a local dog show with an imaginary dog. Concerning dreams and aspirations, Emily says: “One day, I will be Rev. Emily Ische, CPA (Certified Public Accountant).”

Garrett Gomez

Garrett is a freshman Spanish and Biology double major on the pre-med track from Claremont, California. He enjoys cross fit, skiing, listening to various genres of music, attending concerts, assorted anime and manga, table tennis and watching movies. He aspires one day to aid in the creation of a cure for Progressive Supra-nuclear Palsy and also plans to be a doctor, although he is unsure of what specialty at this point.

Nathan Hearnsberger

Nathan is a senior Economics major and Finance minor from Franklin, Tennessee who is set to graduate in December. He is a member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity and loves music, traveling and reading. His aspiration is to utilize emergent technology to help people connect with each other, increase accessibility to resources, and improve their quality of life.

Pierce Knight

Pierce Knight is a freshman Music Composition major from Aledo, Texas. He is involved with the TCU Marching Band and the TCU Tennis Club. Pierce loves writing, drawing, composing music, playing video games, playing paintball, and learning to play more instruments. He has numerous ambitions, including composing music for video games, running a successful podcast, publishing a book or video game and possibly directing a movie.


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