Action Towards Enhancement

The value of one’s life can be found in the legacy they leave. This legacy is not always physically evident in material form but can be appreciated in lives impacted.  To be a responsible citizen one must formulate action that leads to enhancement of other’s lives. To simply remain idle or neglect to partake in harmful and detrimental actions is not enough, action towards improvement is demanded.

It may not yet, but will hopefully soon be common knowledge that there are over 27 million people trapped in modern day slavery throughout the world. If you asked almost anyone they would boldly proclaim they are against slavery of any kind. However, their actions speak otherwise. With a little research one can discover how their lifestyle and spending habits directly allow slavery to exist. Armed with this knowledge, failure to positively respond is a failure of responsibility. Without taking action towards enrichment one cannot be a responsible citizen.  

This is just one example. At the same time, a person does not have to be Superman to be a responsible citizen. Raising awareness, donating finances and volunteering time are obvious and simple ways to take a stand against injustice and prove responsibility.

I will end with what I believe to be bold truths, with the hope that tough love will spur us to action.

–       If you are not sacrificing any part of yourself to improve the lives of others you are not being a responsible citizen.

–       If you cannot confidently say you are leaving a positive legacy, you are not acting as a responsible citizen.

–       Acting as a responsible citizen is not always easy or fun or enjoyable, but is ultimately beneficial for you and others.

Collectively, responsible citizenship can radically enrich the world. Take part. Leave a legacy.

– Alex Lipari, TCU Student

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