Responsible Citizenship in Business

The further into my TCU career I come, the closer I realize my real career is. And to be frank, it terrifies me. One of the primary reasons is because business, my area of study, is not always known for responsible citizenship. But I have the opportunity to show my classmates and my coworkers what responsible citizenship looks like, and more importantly, why we need it. I think in its most basic form it is being ethical: always applying the Golden Rule and doing the right thing, even when the right thing is tough. My Christian foundation and my father’s West Point-based service-oriented parenting style gave me this perspective.

In my classes, when I say something regarding responsible citizenship in a situation simulation we are discussing, the majority of my classmates give me blank stares or debate me. As a Neeley Fellow, I know that a significant portion of these students will be going into leadership roles in business. It concerns me that responsible citizenship is not considered for discussion. The Fellows are good people; I would hate to be misunderstood. But it is not something that comes naturally to many, and if it is not taught, or shown, we are going to be in a bad place.

I try to lead by example. I try to speak up in class, to say what ethical route I would take in our situation simulations, although it is tough. Responsible citizenship is not always easy, but it is worthwhile.

– Hanna Jane Stradinger, TCU Student

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